There is so much ethical dilemma, political and media debate, and public concern about how the seemingly endless global challenges we now face are impacting, and may continue to negatively impact, our planet, our lives and our livelihoods.

Sometimes, I just want to go to a rooftop and shout one simple word. Help!

However, at SustVox we are lucky. We work with global cultural and heritage providers and projects that connect with social and environmental resilience; embracing the creative industries and engaging with different cultures. Why do I say that is lucky? Well, because cultures connecting to the creative industries have so much to offer towards this word, Help!

The arts can not only help us through enhancing our well-being and impassioning us through engagement but they can be a vital tool to help us understand change and adaptation through creative persuasion and creative expression.

So, at SustVox, we have just started our Creativity Through The Lens project. This is a new section of our website where we want to showcase, through the lens of photography or videography, creative works from the arts that depict social and environmental resilience.

You know, to help with Help!

As we receive more creative works we will publish them. For now please have a look at the amazing work of my daughter Amy, and her painting, L’INNOCENZA DEL FUTURO. Just go to our homepage, scroll down and click on the photo with that title. Do also sign up to our newsletter (on the homepage) and we will update you with more work as we publish it; we hope, over the next few weeks and months, to have many works from paintings to poetry, design to dance.


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