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Eight SustVox Tips To Engage Creative Campaigning For Social and Environmental Charities and NGOs


Creative Persuasion, the ability to use creativity to convince and build support for your cause. This also links to authority and social proof (Cialdini), if people can be persuaded to support your cause then others, including government may well be persuaded to follow. Campaigning and persuasion work together; add creativity to the mix and you add engagement and empathy for your cause. Creative persuasion is also enhanced and invigorated by employing the arts.


The Arts offer really innovative and inspiring ways to campaign; whether visual, performing or literature. Empowering the vigour and capacity of the arts builds a cultural motivation to your campaign. As an example, from literature, poets and writers from Wordsworth to Carson have inspired many people through environmental and social storytelling. Speak to the curators of such culture and connect with them.


Creative Merchandise: make it socially and environmentally friendly. Are printed Christmas cards right for your cause or message (see this research!)? If you need them, go digital! For all merchandise, think design, think creative, think artistic and think impact!  Lead with ‘new products’ not business-as-usual products.


Pop-Up Events.  A ‘temporary happening’ building long-term impact. This powerful campaigning tool can promote your story within public and open spaces, so make it creative, make it inspiring. Engage people with the arts, both as audience and creator. Perhaps an art gallery in nature, an interactive painting and drawing event to highlight social injustice and environmental impacts or persuade through staging a one-off performance about climate change. Work with local actors and musicians or invite local people to take part. This type of event will probably get corporates or high net worth individuals to sponsor it.


Be Authoritative. That doesn’t mean being obstructive, disruptive or confrontational, it means build strong, powerful, and interactive storytelling.  ‘Communicate Your Know’ from professional knowledge, quality research and ensure your authority is resilient – to absorb, adapt and transform.


Innovation and creativity work together; creativity is about conceiving new ideas, innovation is about implementing them, the actions to drive change. The creative economy intersects with so many innovative opportunities in the digital and sharing economies.


Go communicate it! This is about storytelling. Not only to publicise or promote your campaign but to promote your supporters.  If you have, or want to have, corporate sponsors, they need to be seen to be supporting the cause, motivate their input – communicate it. This is not greenwashing if they are genuinely adapting and helping your cause, it is part of a resilient strategy; it is also part of the future and changing from business-as-usual. Use the ‘right’ social media for the ‘right’ message! Not all social media and their markets are the same. If you can stream a video, do it, think about audio as well – use podcasts they are simple and effective.


Build strong mutually beneficial Networks and remember mutual or bilateral benefit is vital to any campaign partnership or relationship. These networks want to know their inclusion is worthwhile, for you and also for them. Their money or time demands a meaningful ‘call to arms’ (creative not confrontational). What do they get? If it is a corporate network, develop a corporate forum where they can meet and talk to fellow corporate supporters – and you. This enables them to find out why and how others are involved; it builds their confidence in their support. Corporates are good at networking; you need to be good as well. Organise lunches, drinks, fun meetings, walks in nature…

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