Contributor Guidelines:Terms and Conditions

At SustVox we want to create debate that is open to all, from individuals to communities, corporate organisations to sole traders, NGOs and charities. For all, including ourselves, to have a voice on the global sustainability challenges.

So, we would like to invite you (‘Contributor’) to make a contribution to this debate, which includes, but is not limited to, an article, blog, comment or any other writings, video, audio, photographs, or other material (‘Contribution/s’).

Please submit any such Contribution via the form or by email to  

In all cases, any Contribution will only be published at the discretion of our editor and we reserve the right to edit or change, in any way, all and any Contributions before publishing. Once you submit a Contribution, we will respond to you normally within 5 working days to confirm if your Contribution will be published on our website.  As we are a small team, it may take longer than this so, if you haven’t heard from us within the 5 days please be patient; do feel free to contact us.

Any Contribution remains the property of you the Contributor and you retain full ownership, including intellectual property, of your Contribution. However, by submitting a Contribution you grant SustVox unrestricted, unlimited and irrevocable license to host, and or use, and or distribute such Contribution in any way.

All written Contributions are categorised into two types: Article or Blog, the difference is shown in the table below. Also, all Contributions will be assigned different categories, and these are shown on our website on the right of any such Contribution.

Blog Article
1200 words or less Normally up to 5000 words
1 photo – less than 4mb* Several photos*
Casual opinion piece In-depth research and analysis
Casually edited by SustVox Formally edited by SustVox
Unpaid, chance to air opinion Specific professional pitches paid for

* You must inform us of where any images originated and confirm you have the right to use it in your Contribution (see Copyright and IP rights below).

The purpose of SustVox is to provide balanced voices in connection with sustainability; voices that look to mitigate negative impacts on the environment and society, but also accept that economic growth is important. How that materialises or evolves is entirely up to you, but we will not publish:

  • Promotional works for any organisation or individual (you should contact
  • Contributions that contain rants, extreme activism, are abusive or disparaging to individuals or organisations or solicit greenwashing or unbalanced views.
  • Contributions that we feel are false, inaccurate or misleading.
  • Contributions that have spelling or grammar mistakes and that do not fit with our ethos and/or philosophy.

We also welcome comments to any Contribution and our ‘House Rules’ for comments are available by clicking here. SustVox reserves the right to delete any comment that breaches these rules.

Copyright and IP Rights.

SustVox is not responsible in any way for the content you provide in any Contribution. As you retain ownership of your Contribution you are wholly responsible for the accuracy of the content you submit and you retain ownership of any IP rights or licenses to the content, including, but not limited to, all texts and images. You confirm that any such content you send to us in any Contribution for publication, is not copyrighted or has any IP rights or licenses owned or used in any way, by any other person, organisation, copyright holder or their agent, without their written consent.

You are wholly liable and responsible for any claims, costs, fines, liability, or legal action brought against SustVox as a result of us posting your Contribution.  You agree to exonerate SustVox from any claims and pay, in full, any such costs, fines or claims as a result of this within the time frame stipulated by SustVox or any plaintiff or claimant.

No copyright or IP right infringement is intended by SustVox at any time.

Please remember, SustVox reserves the right to reject and/or edit any Contribution for any reason.

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