CSR as Resilience

SustVox has an extensive global network of clients, across all sectors; corporate, NGO (including charities) and government.

Through resilience we build effective and resourced partnerships with visionary organisations and leaders to narrow the inequality gap. Our model, which addresses corporate structure and culture, looks to drive stakeholder primacy based around shared values and mutual obligations.

We believe the CSR model should shift away from responsible ideals to engage a contemporary model of CSR as Corporate [Social & Environmental] Resilience, to:

  • Absorb the Challenges
  • Innovate to Adapt
  • Transform Business

Shift The CSR Model

Corporate Resilience NOT Responsibility … [read more]

SustVox provides strategic and management expertise to support organisations drive change, ultimately to overcome the negative social and environmental impacts that have become so endemic in our world today.

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Shift The CSR Model

Corporate Resilience NOT Responsibility ... 

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